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Documentary film

Let us tell you why this form of expression is so important and has such a significant impact on society. Documentaries are like an open window to realities we may not have known before, allowing us to learn, reflect, and connect with real stories and fascinating individuals.

Do you know what's great about documentaries? They challenge us to see the world from different perspectives and question our own beliefs. They invite us to be more empathetic, to understand diversity, and to confront injustices. And the best part is that we can dive into these stories from the comfort of our own couch.

Moreover, documentaries are a way to preserve the history and legacy of different cultures and key moments. They are like a time capsule that captures significant events and valuable testimonies for future generations. It's a true treasure that helps us understand our past and build a better future.

But the most exciting aspect of documentaries is their ability to create a real impact on society. They can inspire social movements, bring about important changes, and influence public opinion. They are a powerful tool to drive change and give a voice to those who often don't have the chance to be heard.

Documentaries are like an exciting journey filled with emotions, discoveries, and learning. They invite us to reflect, to take action, and to become agents of change in our own surroundings. As a documentary filmmaker, it is an honor to be part of this incredible storytelling form that can touch hearts and change lives. So get ready to immerse yourself in this fascinating world of documentaries and let them inspire you to see the world differently!.


We are passionate about telling impactful stories that raise awareness and promote dialogue on crucial issues in our society. From conceptualization to the final delivery, our team of creative professionals and talented technicians will work tirelessly to capture the essence of your message and present it with exceptional quality. Allow us to be your voice in the world of cinema, and together, we will create purposeful productions that spark reflection and change.

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A one-minute film is like a creativity pill in the form of a short film. It's a small audiovisual gem filled with emotion, powerful messages, and surprises. In just one minute, you'll immerse yourself in a fascinating story and live an intense cinematic experience. Get ready for a concentrated dose of cinema that will leave you wanting more!.

1 Minuto

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Film festivals

Awards and accolades

We are partners with the Social Film Foundation in Colombia. With 20 years of experience in documentary filmmaking, our productions have been recognized for their high social impact.

We are renowned as a benchmark for accessibility and inclusion in Latin America, directing the international film festival WE CAM FEST. Additionally, we lead EL CINE SUMA PAZ, an international film festival focused on peace culture and environmental culture.

We have received over 60 awards and accolades for our film productions. We are specialists and experts in bringing stories to the big screen that inform, educate, and raise awareness about various topics. Our films have the ability to inspire change, challenge perspectives, and amplify the voices of those who are often unheard.

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