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SOCIAL FILMS INTERNATIONAL is an audiovisual and cinematographic production company based in Miami, Florida. We stand out for our unique focus on producing content that has a significant social impact. We believe in the power of cinema to inspire change and raise awareness about important and relevant issues.

Our production company is composed of a highly skilled team of audiovisual experts, from scriptwriters and directors to camera technicians and editors. We all share a passion for telling stories that transcend borders and touch the audience's hearts.

At SOCIAL FILMS INTERNATIONAL, we work closely with non-profit organizations, activists, and local communities to give a voice to social issues and make a positive impact. We strive to address topics such as gender equality, climate change, human rights, and cultural inclusion, among others. Through our projects, we aim to create meaningful dialogue and promote empathy and understanding in society.

Our production company distinguishes itself through its dedication to quality and excellence in every production. We use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to ensure that each project achieves outstanding visual and technical quality. We rely on a combination of creative talent and technical expertise to achieve astonishing and captivating results.

In addition to our social mission, we also offer promotional and entertainment audiovisual production services. We work closely with brands and companies to create impactful promotional content that highlights their values and engages their target audience. Additionally, we are passionate about creating entertainment content that entertains, excites, and connects with the audience.

Claqueta en monitor de cine


Foto Chrsitian Ossa



Christian is a Colombian filmmaker. He is the director of Fundación Cine Social. With 20 years of experience in creating innovative and independent projects with a social, cultural, and environmental focus, he leads recognized and acclaimed processes in Ibero-America.

Foto Sergio Faggiani



Sergio is a senior finance executive with 15+ years of experience in the finance and hospitality arenas. Currently he’s CFO of a Luxury Hospitality management company and ASIA recovery Inc.

Foto Angelly Moncayo



Angelly is an actress, writer, and Content Director, with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She is also the founder of the international movement Asia Recovery.

Foto Catalina Suárez



Catalina is a professional in Marketing and Advertising. She has been the Administrative Director of the Social Film Foundation in Colombia for the past 12 years.

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