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Bringing people together through the power of films
Rodaje producción audiovisual

We are an audiovisual and cinematographic production company based in Miami Beach, Florida.

We stand out for our unique focus on producing content that has a significant social impact.

We are a highly skilled team in audiovisual production, sharing a passion for telling stories that transcend borders and touch the audience's hearts.

We use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to ensure that each project achieves outstanding visual and technical quality. We rely on a combination of creative talent and technical expertise to achieve astonishing and captivating results.

We are...

Lente de cine

Our foundations...

We believe in the power of cinema to generate a significant social impact. Through our productions, we aim to foster awareness, inspire change, and promote inclusion.




Social Impact

We ensure that every aspect is carefully executed. We are passionate about delivering a final result that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and the general audience.

High Quality

We foster innovation and celebrate originality. We work to push the boundaries of audiovisual storytelling and delight the audience with fresh and thrilling concepts.


What we do...

Connect with the fascinating world of audiovisual and cinematographic production with Social Films International!.

In a constantly changing world, we believe in the power of cinema to raise awareness, inspire change, and promote positive actions. We specialize in producing documentary films and audiovisual content that address relevant and challenging social issues.

We also excel in creating high-quality promotional, entertainment, and training audiovisual content that captivates the audience and maximizes the impact for brands and businesses. We are ready to create standout audiovisual productions that connect with the audience and achieve desired results.

Allow us to be your trusted partner in the realm of audiovisual and cinematographic production!

Ícono de reproducción

How we do it...

It all starts by developing an innovative concept, a captivating script, and meticulously planning every detail to ensure a successful production.


With a perfect blend of visuals, sound, and performance, we unleash intense emotions and create unforgettable experiences.


With exceptional technical and creative skills, we transform the images and audio captured on set into a visual masterpiece.

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